Our Work

Our work is much wider in scope than just historical heritage protection in the conventional sense. We are concerned with the "living heritage" that is constantly evolving and what we leave for future generations.

An important part of our work involves looking at innovation and the scope of modern maritime industry as well as community benefit, sustainable development concerns, promoting active use of the river and opportunities for social enterprise, leisure, tourism and cultural activity.

Examples of Our Current and Future Activites

Developing a proposal and alternative masterplan for the regeneration of Govan Graving Docks...

Monitoring historic docks and other maritime infrastructure/assets on the Clyde corridor.

Promoting the establishment of a sail cargo hub on the Clyde alongside industry stakeholders.

Supporting community groups and setting-up charities focused on protecting at-risk maritime assets for community benefit.

Volunteer recruitment and coordination.

Promoting sympathetic and sustainable reuse of surplus maritime infrastructure of historic interest or potential future heritage importance.

Developing strategic proposals for re-use of derelict sites and assets.

Lobbying local and Scottish Government, statutory bodies, quangos, etc to act to protect assets along the Clyde - particularly where controversial redevelopments are proposed or there is a lack of due care of structures on the part of owners.

Encouraging and supporting/assisting public responses to planning applications where appropriate and ensuring property developers are publicly held to account.

Campaigns and events to celebrate and raise awareness of the maritime heritage of the Clyde. Raising the profle of modern maritime industry and activity to dispel the impression of the Clyde as a dead or dying river.

Celebrating the maritime history and re-visioning/rethinking potential future use of the river and maritime assets through diverse activities and events. Initiatives to increase use of the river for a range of activities.

Producing or commissioning studies, documentaries, reports, etc on the maritime heritage (both historic and living/future heritage) of the Clyde to help raise awareness.

Addressing sustainable development and environmental issues in the Clyde Corridor.

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