The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative - Protecting and promoting the evolving maritime heritage of the tidal River Clyde

Protecting and Promoting the Evolving Maritime Heritage of the Tidal River Clyde

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Firth of Clyde

What is CDPI?

CDPI is a research, networking and advocacy social enterprise concerned with the protection and promotion of maritime heritage along the River and Firth of Clyde.

We see heritage in a much broader context than history and museums, which are only a part of the picture. Heritage is a legacy from past traditions as well as what we create now and pass on to future generations. This means looking at issues of contemporary and emergent culture, activity, innovation, new technology and sustainable development.

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Our bespoke information research and photography services are developed with maritime, marine and environmental related organisations and community groups in the Clyde region in mind.

We offer discounted rates for charities and community groups.

Any profits we make are reinvested in our mission to promote the living maritime heritage of the Clyde region.

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Erskine Bridge Clyde Waterfront

Turning the Tide on the Clyde

We are rolling out a public and stakeholder consultation project called 'Turning the Tide on the Clyde' that aims to gather views and generate inspiration to look at how the River and Firth of Clyde could be better connected and more active as a maritime region.

If you would like to find out more, including our upcoming events and activities, please see our Turning the Tide On the Clyde website and Facebook page for latest news and updates.

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River Clyde
River Clyde
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