The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative - Protecting and promoting the evolving maritime heritage of the tidal River Clyde

Protecting and Promoting the Evolving Maritime Heritage of the Tidal River Clyde

Introduction to the Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative
Govan graving dry docks pump house

Our Mission

The mission of CDPI is to promote the maritime heritage of the River Clyde as something that is both evolving, changing and relevant in a modern context. We aim to promote the idea that heritage is as much about current and future developments and activity as it is about history.

We operate both through direct activity and efforts to positively influence others with the necessary resources.

Our work is much wider in scope than just historical heritage protection in the conventional sense. We are concerned with the "living heritage" that is constantly evolving and what we leave for future generations.

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Our Work

Our work is focused on developing projects, networks, conversations and ventures that aim to focus on the River and Firth of Clyde as a maritime region and how this can have a sustainable future.

Our flagship Turning the Tide On the Clyde project takes in everything to do with these aims.

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Background of CDPI

We are a social enterprise based in the West of Scotland and working to develop our position as an outreach, research & development, networking and consultative organisation.

Broadly we are involved in advocacy, awareness raising, project management and promoting the evolving maritime heritage of the Clyde.

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