The Clyde Docks Preservation Initiative - Protecting and promoting the evolving maritime heritage of the tidal River Clyde

Protecting and Promoting the Evolving Maritime Heritage of the Tidal River Clyde

Our Work & Track Record
Projects and Spin-Outs
Turning the Tide On the Clyde

In June 2019 we launched the Turning the Tide On the Clyde project – which aims to address how the River and Firth of Clyde could be better connected and more active as a diverse maritime region.

The launch event at the City of Glasgow College Riverside Campus was funded through a crowdfunding campaign and was the start of engaging stakeholders in the project and its aims.

Turning the Tide On the Clyde is an open-ended long-term project that we aim to develop and expand over the coming years with the potential for spin-out initiatives.
Govan Docks Regeneration Trust

In 2016 we set up the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust (GDRT) charity to take forward the aims of our graving docks campaign with the community and other stakeholders.

GDRT is now developing it own path as it takes forward a National Lottery Funded community consultation while CDPI continues to support the charity in its work.
Outreach and Awareness Raising
Govan Graving Docks Campaign

Since CDPI was launched in 2015 we have worked to raise awareness of the plight of Govan’s historic derelict graving docks. This was triggered by an online petition that has now gathered over 12,000 signatures, from individuals supportive of a maritime heritage park and opposed to a major housing development.
Govan Graving Docks Documentary

In 2017 we commissioned a documentary about Govan Graving Docks with Fablevision Studios and funded through a crowdfunding campaign.

A number of people with interested in and/or knowledge of the graving docks were interviewed to document their perspectives and the production gave young interns and individuals with employability challenges the opportunity to develop their skills in media production.
Govan Graving Docks Architecture Competition

In June 2019 we sponsored and coordinated a student architecture competition based on ideas for Govan Graving Docks for the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust (GDRT). This was funded through crowdfunding and supports the GDRT community consultation on the future of the derelict dry dock site.
Turning the Tide On the Clyde Project

Outreach and awareness raising is a key focus of our Turning the Tide On the Clyde project which aims to raise the profile of the Clyde as a maritime river.
Planning and Public Sector Engagement
Govan Graving Docks Planning Applications

We thoroughly analysed the planning application submitted by NCV to build up to 750 flats on Govan graving docks and compiled a detailed 34-page dossier of grounds for objecting to the proposed development. We also issued template guidance for members of the public to object to the proposal – which was used by over 40 people.

Planning consent for the proposed housing development was refused by Glasgow City Council in August 2018
Research & Development and Networking
Maritime Heritage Park White Paper

In 2014, prior to launching CDPI, a draft white paper was produced for the concept of a “Shipbuilding Heritage Park” at Govan Graving Docks by one of our founding members. This has guided the early work done by CDPI and the setting up of Govan Docks Regeneration Trust.
Govan Graving Docks Planning History

In November 2016 we produced a detailed report into the planning history of Govan Graving Docks since the site ceased operating in 1988.

Our report highlighted a number of failings and inconsistencies in how public policy has been applied to both the Govan dock site and the wider waterfront in Glasgow. Since then published Strategic Development Frameworks for the area have shown signs of aligning with the strategies CDPI and others in our collaborative network have been promoting

[Full Report] [Summary].
Building Collaborative Networks

We have built extensive collaborative frameworks in the third-sector and academia through our work with charity Fablevision and the University of the West of Scotland. The University of Strathclyde have also been extensively involved in the student architecture competition we coordinated for Govan Docks Regeneration Trust.

We are also working to develop partnerships additionally with private sector organisations - particularly through the Turning the Tide On the Clyde project.
Research & Development

Our work is about promoting the maritime heritage of the Clyde as a modern evolving concept in order to maintain its relevance and research & development is critical to this. Two key areas of research & development for CDPI are developing a broad programme of independent festivals and activities (focused on the river and firth) and promoting the development of sustainable sail cargo shipping in the region to contribute to tackling climate change.
Our Work
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