Govan Graving Docks

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The Future of Govan Graving Docks
Derelict pump house at Govan Graving Docks Glasgow

Govan Graving Docks

For several years CDPI has run a campaign to challenge proposals for a major housing development on the graving docks and to build support for the site to be restored as a maritime heritage park.

We have now handed our primary role in addressing the future of the docks over to the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust charity. The Trust now aims to take the strategic objectives of the campaign forward, with the local community and maritime/heritage interest communities, to the stage of solidifying and delivering a shared vision for the future of the iconic site.

This will free CDPI up to focus on our wider strategic objectives as a research, networking and lobbying organisation concerned with the wider dimension of maritime and heritage protection on the Clyde.

In addition new proposals have emerged from Jim McColl and Ferguson Marine to bring Govan Graving Docks back into use as a working ship repair yard. We fully support these proposals and have issued a press release.

CDPI will continue to work with and support the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust. Our broader research and development will continue to address the graving docks and Govan Docks Regeneration Trust as a case study – enabling that organisation to both feed into and directly benefit from our research.

CDPI’s core team will continue to lead the ongoing process as part of a wider group of volunteers who form the board of Trustees of the Govan Docks Regeneration Trust. However a dedicated charitable organisation for the docks now provides a vehicle for more effective project management and stakeholder engagement specific to the Govan Graving Docks.

Planning History

Detailed report based on our research into the history of planning and development proposals for Govan Graving Docks.

Download summary (PDF)

Download full report (PDF)

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